Hi there! I'm Merilee.

I create tools that empower you to pay off debt faster and gain total control of your family’s finances.

How can we help you?

Looking for something specific?

Our tools help you to...

+ Get out of debt fast so you can live your life freely

+ Confidently manage your finances and stop the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle

+ Start working toward a financially secure future through retirement funding and investing

+ Remove the fear and uncertainty from your current financial situation

I'm here to help you plan and conquer your completely unique financial journey!

Who is Easy Budget?

Hi! I’m so glad you’re here! I’m Merilee and I’m the creator of Easy Budget. My husband and I got serious about our family’s finances in 2017. We paid off $71,000 of consumer and student loan debt in less than 3 years using the tools we now share. We created Easy Budget to help other families do the same.

I’m a stay-at-home-mom and an entrepreneur. I’m on a mission to help you develop the same great money habits that have given us so much success!

There are a few simple things I can teach you that will make all the difference for your family. I know you don’t have time to read rambling blog posts, learn intricate new investing strategies, or cook a complicated meal. I don’t either!

So, I promise, everything I share will be practical and always easy.