We’re Derek and Merilee Speigner!

We paid off $71,000 of consumer and student loan debt in 2 ½ years using the tools we now share.

We wanted to share our success with other families like us, so we created Easy Budget. Through our combined experience, we have collaborated on all of the tools we share here. Want to get to know us a bit better? Read more about our journey below!

We’re parents to three beautiful children and in August 2019 became debt free. Although we are now seeing success with our family’s finances, it wasn’t always so. Let’s start at the hard part . . .

When we graduated college, it was supposed to be this fantastic and amazing new beginning. We thought we would finally be able to afford all the luxuries we’d been dreaming of the last 6 years while we were grinding away at school and eating ramen.

Sadly, that wasn’t our reality. Derek was eight months into his first job out of college. We had two kids at the time, and I was holding down the fort as a stay-at-home mom while Derek was bringing home the paychecks. 

They were good paychecks too, but we were sending $1,200 a month of our hard-earned dollars to minimum payments on student loans and a small car loan. It didn’t really feel like much of an upgrade from college at all.

This wasn’t the dream we’d worked so hard to achieve. We knew we had to get rid of the debt so we could finally start living the life we’d worked so hard for!

Since then, we’ve totally overhauled our finances. Now, we budget at the beginning of the month and balance it throughout, instead of just looking back at the end of the month and seeing what we spent our money on. 

In 2019 we became debt free (except the mortgage), and we are loving it! We have savings. We own several small businesses. We own real estate. We invest, and we’re building up passive income. We are both financially literate and confident.

The best part is, we aren’t special at all. We are an average family, just like you. We don’t have college degrees in accounting or finance. There is no magic pill. It’s a trifecta of knowledge, tools, and then putting in the work.

I started Easy Budget to take you along this journey with me, and to provide you with the tools and motivation you need to transform your finances too. A great place to start is this article “The Pre Debt-Free Journey Checklist”  Or, if your biggest challenge is how to budget, start with how we budget digitally, with a spreadsheet to go with it. We’ll walk you through all the steps and be there to answer any questions you might have along the way

We're really glad you’re here!