It’s Self Care Sunday! 30+ Self Care Ideas on a Budget


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Practicing self-care is important for your health! “Self-care Sunday” is a blanket term meant to evoke visions of bubble baths and eye masks. An ultra-feminine, habitual event that is supposed to relax, and chase away the Sunday scaries. Life is hard… so why not create a ritual centered around easing the stresses in your day-to-day grind?

But what if I told you that self-care goes beyond just physical pampering? I believe that self-care is not purely about indulging in shopping and spa time, but that it involves taking care of our mental, physical, emotional, and financial health on many levels!

And what if I told you it didn’t have to be expensive to indulge in yourself and make your life better? It doesn’t! Truly taking care of our mind and spirit doesn’t need to cost much.

Here are 30 Inexpensive Self-Care Sunday ideas for you to implement in your life right now:

1. Review your budget

Sometimes self care is taking care of the things you NEED to do, instead of what you want to do. Take out your budget and reconcile your spending. Are you on track? Do you want to make new goals? Can you improve your habits? Start budgeting here if you aren’t already!

2. Go for a walk

Getting up and getting off of your couch or out of your normal environment has wonderful effects on serotonin levels! Did you know that simple brisk walking has been proven to help you maintain a healthy weight, increase energy levels, and even reduce stress and tension? I think we all need that in our lives!

3. Popcorn + movie

Binge-watching Netflix can feel a bit indulgent and lazy. But intentionally putting on a great film and popping a bowl of popcorn can be very relaxing and help you settle down a bit!

4. Practice Yoga

Namaste away from stress, thanks.

Keep this budget friendly by skipping the yoga studio. Just dim the lights in your place, turn on your diffuser with some essential oils (my favorite for calming is Lavender), and put on a free yoga session from Youtube!

Yoga can help you relax and sleep better, have a better mood, and manage stress! Thank you, yoga.

5. Meditation

Mindfulness is a practice and meditation is proven to lower high blood pressure and decrease stress. It also gives you YOU time and helps you maintain mental clarity.

6. Take a nap

Hit that snooze button, girl. You deserve to shut off for a bit.

7. Visit your favorite local spot for a quick drink

You don’t have to break the bank at a restaurant every single time you go. Pick a local spot and have a single drink. Less is more.

8. Read in the park

It’s that time of year where the birds are chirping and the sun is out. Take a book and hit the grass! There’s something so refreshing about being in nature and breathing in the fresh air.

9. Check out Groupon for discounted massages

Get out those knots and feel so much better! Groupon often has great discounts for massages in your area. Take advantage and get pampered a bit.

10. Get a regular mani or pedi… or both

New polish, who dis? Even though mani pedis aren’t the cheapest, there’s a reason many women turn to this as a form of self-care. It feels rejuvenating, pampering, and it also polishes up your look a little bit, giving you a little confidence boost.

11. Do a hobby you love

Carve out time to do something you truly love. Whether that’s reading a book, making jewelry, or playing a video game!

12. Clean your space

A clean space is a less anxiety inducing one. Take an hour and tidy up! You’ll thank yourself later.

13. Cuddle with a pet

Snuggle up with a pet and relieve some stress. If you don’t have one of your own, borrow a friends or volunteer at a local shelter/humane society to get your fix in!

14. Get a haircut

Snipping some locks will have you feeling fresh and ready to take on the world!

15. Eat your favorite food

I need Chic-fil-A nuggets sometimes. It’s a fact. Go grab your favorite meal to boost your spirits!

16. Call a friend

Your friends are there for a reason! Call them to vent, chat, and catch up! This can be good for your soul and help you work through the things that are weighing on you.

17. Make a to-do list to lessen stress

I often find that when I am trying to relax, I just end up thinking about all the things I need to do. STOP! That kind of rumination doesn’t help anyone actually relax. Brain dump everything on a to-do list to get it out of your head and onto paper. I guarantee you’ll be able to relax more.

18. Make your favorite meal at home

Put on some jazz, pour a glass or merlot and get to cookin’. 

19. Grab a cup ‘o Joe

Coffee is good for the soul. Enjoy a decadent treat at your local cafe or Starbucks! Do this completely solo if you’re an introvert and do it with a friend if you’re more of an extrovert!

20. Go on a date by yourself

Alone time is just what the doctor ordered! Go out to dinner by yourself or see a movie solo. You won’t regret it.

21. Color like a kid

Seriously! Grab Crayola colored pencils and an adult coloring book and get to work. This is so therapeutic, I know people that do it weekly to help manage stress and have a little creative moment.

22. Write in a journal

In the same way that writing a to-do list is a brain dump, often journaling can help us make sense of what we’re going through. Either free-write or pick a prompt online.

23. Get yourself some flowers

Trader Joe’s has cheap flowers to freshen up your space. Seeing them on your counter will make you smile and remind you of all the beauty in the world around us.

24. Go for a drive and discover new roads

Roll down the windows, pump up the tunes, and go explore the open road. It’s the American way.

25. Scoop up some ice cream for yourself

Who doesn’t love waffle cones and a sweet treat?

26. Turn off all electronics for at least an hour

“Most electronics will work again if you unplug them for a bit. People are the same way”

According to a recent study, Americans spend over 20 hours a day on screen time and this number is growing.

Disconnect and unplug. Trust me, you’ll feel less burdened by comparison and hurry!

27. Go get some new socks

It’s weird, I know, but somehow, new socks just make me feel more put together. Also — they’re just fun to have on-hand.

28. Give yourself a budget for the dollar Target section

Go wild, fam!

29. Spend some alone time with your SO

If ya know what I mean *wink wink*

30. Plant something

Nothing makes me feel more accomplished than making a seed sprout. Plant peppers or flowers. Spend time outside and in the sun. Vitamin D is a real self-care treat!

Taking care of yourself is so important! No matter what you decide to do, make sure that it’s something that sparks joy and makes you stop and just be in the moment.

Taking care of your mental, physical, emotional, and financial health are all valuable ways to take care of yourself and have an amazing Self-Care Sunday.

What is your favorite self-care activity? Let me know!

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