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Let me guess . . . You have a lot of debt? Student loans, credit cards, car loans . . . it can be overwhelming!

You know you need to pay it off, but before you get started, you want to know how long it’s going to take…


Great news! Our Debt Snowball Calculator helps you to…

We created the Easy Budget Debt Snowball Calculator because we couldn’t find anything on the internet that let us calculate our debt-free date based on how much we could put toward debt now and in the future with our growing income, bonuses, tax returns, and other future lump sum payments. We’ve got you. Ours can totally do that!

NOTEThis tool works best with Excel, but can also be used with Google Sheets.

To open in Google Sheets, download and save the file to your computer without opening it. Open Google Sheets. In the upper right quadrant, select the Manila folder icon to “upload file”. Refresh often to see calculations.

Get out of debt FAST! Our Debt Snowball Calculator allows you to create a fully customized, simple debt payoff plan that keeps you motivated and informed!

+ User friendly

+ Fully automated (you fill in the white boxes, everything else will auto calculate!)

+ Input your loans once and update with actual payments as they are made

+ Space for up to 35 different loans

+ Change and play around with several variables to see how it affects your payoff date

+ Clearly displays your debt stats

+ Clearly displays debt payoff month and year (will show all calculations on separate page)

+ Perfect for irregular income

+ Easy switch to Debt Avalanche method (highest interest rate first) or custom order

+ Input for one-time lump sum payments on debt (bonuses, tax refunds etc.)

+ Input for expected increases in monthly debt payments (future raises, second job etc.)

+ Get 15% off this item when you bundle it with the 8-in-1 Personal Finance SuperSpreadsheet. Add both to cart and use code BUNDLE15 for discount.

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  1. This saved me an immense amount of time by not having to create my own speadsheet. And let’s be honest, mine certainly wouldn’t have been as comprehensive or pleasing to look at. After filling out the Snowball Calculator, and presenting the information to my husband, I can say we are officially motivated, and united in the goal of paying off our debts and taking control of our finances. When you’re dealing with something as challenging as chipping away at a mountain of debt, a beautiful Excell worksheet can really be a useful and powerful tool. Thank you!

  2. I’ve been trying to get on top of my debt to get my finances back in a better place, and this spreadsheet is fantastic at helping me visualize my progress and plan for my financial future. So easy to use, and my favorite is the ability to calculate in extra payments. No other spreadsheet I’ve tried has done that.

  3. This is by far the best spreadsheet I have found for tracking debt snowball. I love that you can enter what you actually paid and everything adjusts to reflect new numbers if you’re able to pay more one month or had to pay less. It’s very motivating to see an extra bit of money change your debt free date. Thank you!

  4. I have tried for years to create a budget and always got stumped and quit but The Easy Budget Calculator made it so simple to plug everything in! So excited to use this awesome resource..

  5. The Debt Calculator helped me see my debt in print. I love that it gives you a debt payoff date as well. The real star of the show is the overall interest payment over time (thousands of dollars). It is a true motivator to pay the debt off!!!!!

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