Find Your Perfect Side Hustle e-book


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Need more cash? What if you could start making an extra $500/mo on the side with a perfect side hustle starting this week?

An extra $500/mo in income could mean that you pay off debt faster, fully fund your Roth IRA, pay your bills early, or enjoy a little luxury every month!

The Find Your Perfect Side Hustle E-Book is perfect for you if you:

❌The Find Your Perfect Side Hustle e-book may NOT be a good fit for you if:❌
  • You’ve already done a significant amount of research on side hustle ideas
  • You’re not going to read the entire e-book, including the introduction, and actually take my advice and tips and do your best to act on them
  • You’re not ready to take action

"Over the last 10 years I've done over 6 side hustles to help my family financially. We paid off over $9,000 of our $71,000 of debt with my side hustle alone and became debt-free months sooner than planned! I've put this e-book together using my own pro side hustle experience, plus I scoured the internet for all the best and most profitable ideas, and I even crowdsourced dozens of creative side hustle ideas from my readers! The Find Your Perfect Side Hustle e-book is the best resource to help you start making extra money that I have ever seen! Whether you need money for debt payoff, paying the bills, or enjoying some luxury, I have loads of ideas that will get cash into your hands ASAP."

-Merilee, Easy Budget

The Find Your Perfect Side Hustle e-book has everything you need to find a profitable side hustle and start making real extra money.

+ 70+ actionable, profitable side hustle ideas

+ Detailed descriptions on how to apply, start, market, and profit from your side hustle

+ 70+ pages loaded with valuable insight, motivation, mindset work, and actionable tips you’ll love!

+ All kinds of opportunities to suit your lifestyle: Work from home, out and about, part-time job, special certification opportunities, fast cash, no experience, etc.

+ Entrepreneurial side hustles that can be scaled, plus passive income opportunities

+ Links to reputable companies and already established businesses looking for workers

+ Links to training and certification courses to gain skills for specific side hustles

+ Tax advice from a certified CPA to help you properly report your side hustle earnings to the IRS

+ BONUS: 9 Christmas side hustles to help you earn extra fast cash for the holidays

+ PDF download + Flipbook

+ 2021 Edition, new and relevant

+ 100% money back guarantee! Zero risk! If you don’t love the e-book, learn a ton, or find your perfect side hustle, email me and I’ll refund your money in full. 

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    This saved me an immense amount of time by not having to create my own speadsheet. And let’s be honest, mine certainly wouldn’t have been as comprehensive or pleasing to look at. After filling out the Snowball Calculator, and presenting the information to my husband, I can say we are officially motivated, and united in the goal of paying off our debts and taking control of our finances. When you’re dealing with something as challenging as chipping away at a mountain of debt, a beautiful Excell worksheet can really be a useful and powerful tool. Thank you!

  2. Verified reviewVerified review – view originalExternal link

    This is a must buy to become gazelle intense! Super easy to use. Gives you a visual to keep you motivated in your debt free journey.

  3. Verified reviewVerified review – view originalExternal link

    Loveeee this! Best app I’ve ever used. Definitely worth the money and keeps you motivated because it says when you’ll be debt free if you stick to your budget. I wished I would have discovered this sooner.

  4. Verified reviewVerified review – view originalExternal link

    I love the layout and simplicity of your Debt Snowball Calculator and the tutorial that explains so easily how to use the Debt Snowball Calculator. Can’t wait to use this every month to stay on track!!!

  5. Verified reviewVerified review – view originalExternal link

    This is one amazing debt snowball calculator. I love that I can put in all my debts I’m working on, customize the amount I put in every month (some months we earn more than others) and it calculates how much money we have remaining along with the debt payoff date for each of the debts. It is so helpful to see a date to work towards. Thank you Easy Budget!