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  • Easy-to-use
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  • Works with both Excel and Google Sheets

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An aggressive mortgage paydown saves you interest and helps you get ever-closer to financial independence & security for your family!

Our Debt Snowball Calculator helps you to…

+ Pinpoint the exact month you can be debt-free to help you stay target-focused

+ Play around with different pay-down scenarios and watch your debt-free date get closer and closer with larger payments

+ Include future lump sum payments, like bonuses, tax returns, and leftover grocery cash so you can see the power of your money over time

+ Easily adjust payoff dates with lifestyle or income changes, helping you keep at it no matter what life throws your way

+ Help your spouse or family see the power of an aggressive plan so that you can be on the same page of your debt-free journey

You need a tool that can determine how soon you can be debt-free based on your totally unique income and expenses!

That’s why we created the Easy Budget Debt Snowball Calculator. We couldn’t find anything on the internet that let us calculate our debt-free date based on how much we could put toward debt now and in the future with our growing income, bonuses, tax returns, and other future lump sum payments. We’ve got you. Ours can totally do that!

Our Debt Snowball Calculator allows you to create a fully custom, living, breathing, easy debt payoff plan that keeps you motivated and informed!

NOTEThis tool works best with Excel, but can also be used with Google Sheets.