Budget Dinners Cookbook Offer



This budget-friendly cookbook has 50+ recipes to help you get dinner on the table as fast as possible every night! You’ll find the cheapest meals that have great flavor and are perfect for families. Inside the cookbook, we’ll discuss pantry staples, ways to save money on your groceries, and then dive into the many recipes.


Each of these recipes has as few ingredients as possible. We find that having fewer ingredients in the recipes does several things.

  1. It makes it easier to shop for
  2. It makes it easier to cook
  3. It makes it more likely that you’ll cook at home instead of eating out

That’s why each of these recipes are low ingredient! However, they are still high in flavor and comfort!


Some of these recipes even have 3 different ways you can make them, giving you more flexibility in finding meals that work for your family or multiple ways to use up one ingredient (like shredded pork!).

At the end of the cookbook you will also find a 2 week meal plan to help you get cooking as soon as possible.

This cookbook was written by Meg Dow, a professional chef residing in California, and Merilee Speigner, a budget blogger residing in Corpus Christi, TX. By combining our expertise, saving money and cooking, we’re come up with the perfect cookbook for parents to make delicious dinners every night, save money, and have everyone smiling.