I Tried DIY Lash Extensions for a Month


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Eyelashes are all the rage in the beauty world these days. Beautiful, full eyelashes can do so much to brighten and lift your face and make you look put together! But if you’re anything like me, you don’t exactly have time or money to get regular lash extensions. I heard about DIY lash extensions from a friend and knew I had to give them a try.

Before I go any further, let me just say that I am not a beauty blogger or makeup artist of any kind. I am a budget blogger and stay-at-home mom of 3 who just wants to feel put together and beautiful on a regular basis!

Beauty on a budget, that’s my jam!

DIY Lash Extensions

I don’t have time to leave my house and get a babysitter while I get lash extensions every 2 weeks and I certainly don’t have the money.

So I *skeptically* tried the DIY eyelash extensions my friend recommended for a month and here are my results and all the details!

Check out my DIY lash extensions below!

KAZOW! Yes, these lashes are DIY! Aren’t they incredible? Guys, I’m pretty average looking and these me feel like a supermodel!

Let me tell you more.

What are DIY Lash Extensions?

The DIY lash extensions I’m going to tell you about today are from Lashify. Lashify is a DIY lash extension system where instead of a professional applying individual lash extensions to your individual lashes, you apply what are called gossamers (lash clusters) to your underlashes with a patented and proprietary glue from Lashify. They can last anywhere from 3-14 days!

Skip straight to Lashify here

How Are DIY Lashify Extensions Different From False Strip Lashes?

They are very different!

False strip lashes are a full eyelash strand that you apply glue to and then apply to your eyelid as close to the lash line as possible. They need to be removed nightly and reapplied whenever you want to wear them. They are usually reusable.

DIY lash extensions from Lashify are small lash clusters called gossamers that you apply to the underside of your actual eyelashes. You glue on 5-7 gossamers per eye directly to your lashes, fuse them with a special wand, then apply a sealing coat called Glass. They do not have to be removed nightly and you can sleep, shower, and workout in them until they begin to fall off! Longevity is anywhere from 3-14 days depending on your application, care, and the type of glue you use (more on that later).

I typically get 8-10 days out of my Lashify lashes.

My Experience with Lashify and Do I Recommend It?

I LOVE Lashify.

However, I will say that there is a bit of a learning curve with figuring out how to apply the lashes and it does cost money to upkeep them. I will touch on the cost later, but for me it has been worth so it!

Before I go on, I want to share a few pictures of me without any makeup, mascara, or Lashify on so you can see the “before” situation. I have average length and thickness blonde eyelashes.

Now that I use Lashify, I love waking up ready to go for the day.

Since I started using Lashify, I rarely wear makeup. I only put on a little concealer and some blush for girls’ night, photoshoots and videos for my blog and Instagram, and special occasions. I feel pretty with just my bare skin and Lashify lashes.

I get tons of comments and DMs on my Instagram @easy_budget and my friends are always asking me my secret because they really are stunning!

So yeah, I tried DIY lash extensions for a month and now I’m hooked!

Is Lashify Hard to Apply and How Long Does it Take?

I don’t think that Lashify is hard to apply, but it does take a little bit of a steady hand and some practice. I have been pleasantly surprised with how easy it is, but it’s not 100% perfect every time. It takes me about 20 minutes to apply my lashes and about 7 minutes to remove them. Since I get about 8-10 days of wear for this time, it’s totally worth it!

Is Lashify Comfortable to Wear?

Yes, but if you do a poor application it won’t be comfortable! Like I mentioned earlier, there is a bit of a learning curve with application. Some people get it right away and others struggle to get the application right. You want to apply the gossamers a tiny bit off of your waterline for optimal comfort and longevity.

Follow @Lashify on Instagram and join the Lashify Life Facebook group for tutorials, lash map (different lash lengths and layouts) ideas, tutorials, and full demos.

I do not have a full application demo at this time but there are so many on there.

The Cost of Lashify v. Lash Extensions v. Mascara

Lashify is much cheaper than lash extensions, but it is more expensive than mascara.

Lash extensions are typically $80 every 2 weeks for a total of $160/mo.

Mascara is $10 and lasts 2 months, for a total of $5/mo.

Lashify costs $150 for the starter kit (wand, glue, glass, lashes, storage case) and then $10-20 per gossamer set going forward. The gossamers are technically single-use, but I wash mine in rubbing alcohol and reuse them all the time! It works great. I would say I’m paying about $40/mo for Lashify right now ($80 order every 2 months that includes new lashes, glue, and remover).

This is just an estimate. It really depends on how many lashes you go through!

Even though Lashify is more expensive than mascara, I love that my lashes are on for 8-10 days straight so I don’t have to apply or take mascara off at the end of the night and it looks stunningly amazing and way better than mascara! I love being able to pop on my Instagram stories or run to the store and feel put together.

Does Lashify Damage Your Natural Lashes?

Lashify prides themselves on not damaging your natural lashes at all.

However, if you do a really poor job removing you may get some lash loss. It’s nothing like the damage you get from full lash extensions though, and I took a poll in the Lashify Life Facebook group once and many women commented saying that their natural lashes were actually longer and healthier than ever!

I have one eye I lost a couple lashes on in one area (pictured), but they are growing back and look pretty normal when I take my Lashify lashes off. Here is a photo with my natural lashes.

How Can You Get Maximum Longevity with Lashify?

To get maximum longevity with Lashify, you will want to use their upgraded glue called Bondage. It’s stronger and longer lasting. You will also want to use a special application technique (there are several) called the Lockdown method. You can learn more about this in the Lashify Life Facebook group, but essentially it’s applying Bondage to your lashes and then some extra glue along the spine of each gossamer to lock down the lashes and make them last longer!

Then, you’ll want to be very gentle with your lashes. Try not to sleep on them crazy, and be gentle when washing your face and showering or avoid getting them wet altogether. I gently get water on mine when I wash my face but I don’t scrub my eyes.

Do You Have Any Complaints about Lashify?

There are a couple things I will mention.

#1 If I apply a gossamer in an uncomfortable position or with poor placement, they feel annoying on my eye until I can fix it. Sometimes it just goes away, other times I have to remove the faulty gossamer and reapply it. This is a little annoying to do but it works out. If my placement is great, they are very comfortable to wear and lightweight.

#2 Since I try to touch my lashes as little as possible, I’ve noticed myself lacking in my skincare regimen. I feel like I’ve been getting a little more acne lately. This is personal though and my own fault. I don’t use as many scrubs and exfoliants because I’m trying to avoid messing up my lashes with products and washing. I’m still trying to figure out the best methods for myself!

Is Lashify Right for Me?

Lashify would be great for you if you’re currently getting eyelash extensions and would love a cheaper alternative. They have lots of lengths and thicknesses to choose from! You will save hundreds of dollars by switching to Lashify.

Lashify would be great for you if you can’t afford lash extensions or don’t have time to leave your house and get your lashes done, but you love the look and would be willing to pay a little bit to get it!

They will be great for you if you’d love to get up and go in the morning and look put together!

I wouldn’t recommend Lashify to you if you’re on a really tight budget and can’t afford any extras right now. If that’s you, stick with mascara for now and try Lashify later when you have more fun money.

How Can I Get Lashify for a Discount?

I have a referral code to Lashify you can use that will get you $20 in Lashify lash credit after your first purchase of a Control Kit! So basically you order your starter kit and then you will be given a credit for your next purchase so you can buy more gossamers!

What Should I Get in My First Lashify Order?

Here is what I grabbed in my first order and it was perfect! Not too much (I’m on a budget) but it has everything I needed as a beginner.

  1. Control kit (Application wand, wandoms, glue, 2 sets of gossamers, glass finishing coat, and a carrying case)
  2. Pre-cleanse
  3. Melt Away remover

Order Your Lashify Control Kit here to get started

Of all these things, the pre-cleanse has been the least necessary for me, but I still do use it regularly. You definitely need the Control Kit and Melt Away remover (non-negotiable!) in your first order.

I ordered the B gossamers in lengths 12 and 14. The B lashes are still my favorite (there are a bunch of choices, all pretty). The B gossamers are strong and really pretty and natural looking, not too glam. I’m wearing them in most of my photos. My favorite lash map from inner corner to outer corner is B12, B12, B12, B14, B14, B12.

They have other lashes that are longer and thicker (if you like glam), shorter (if you have smaller eyes or for the inner corner), fluffy, curly, etc.

That’s it! I hope I answered all your questions about Lashify and taught you a new cool budget beauty option, DIY lash extensions with Lashify!

If you have any questions, leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you.

Otherwise don’t forget to use my referral code to get a $20 Lashify credit on your 2nd order and join the Lashify Life Facebook group for tutorials, demos, lash map ideas, and community!

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DIY Lash Extensions
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  1. You forgot to mention that using a discount code disqualifies customers from returning for a full refund. You must pay full price if you want to be able to return for a refund. It’s a totally dumb policy they have.

    1. I didn’t know that, I’m so sorry! 🙁 I’ve never returned anything or had anyone tell me this. I hope this feedback helps others.

  2. Hi I came across your ad on pinterest, and I wanted to reach out to you as we share the same passion for these ‘diy lashes’ 🙂 I want to send you a gift! No im not a crazy cyber geek or anything, but this is all a new ballgame for me as far as being an influencer goes and trying to raise brand awareness. I hope to hear from you very soon!

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